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EP19: How I Improve my Vocabulary (2)


Announcement: This episode is NOT sponsored and there are no affiliate links on my website. However, this episode is dedicated to Alastair Budge, one of the people who has inspired me to start my own podcast. Thank you Alastair, for leading by example and for supporting me. I appreciate it.   

Hello hello, fellow learners of English, how are you doing out there? This is Kristian here, nice to be with you again, and welcome to the Learners of English Podcast, episode number 19.

You are listening to this podcast because you want to improve your English, so you can fulfil your dreams in life, whatever they may be. It’s an honor for me to help you to get from where you are right now to where you want to be.

But before we begin, let me just remind you that you can find the transcript of this episode on my website learnersofenglish.com.

OK, in the last episode we talked about vocabulary. Or to be more specific: how do I improve my vocabulary? How do I learn new words and phrases?

The answer is simple: I spend a lot of my time reading and listening. Yes, I spend time on YouTube, and once in a while I watch a series, but I’d say that books, audiobooks and podcasts have had a far bigger impact on my English than YouTube, series and movies.

Especially podcasts. I love podcasts. That’s the reason why I started my own podcast in September 2020. I had been listening to some people who publish wonderful podcasts for quite a while, and I thought to myself: can I do that? Can I help people with my own podcast? I don’t know, but let’s find out.

And here we are, at episode 19 already. 

One of the podcasts that I truly enjoy, is Leonardo English.

What exactly is Leonardo English? On the website Alastair Budge, the creator of the podcast, writes:

We produce English podcasts that teach you fascinating things about how the world works. They are spoken at a speed you can understand, and come with a transcript and key vocabulary.

And this is all true. If you are a curious person who wants to become better at English, this podcast is for you.

I love this podcast for three reasons:

  1. The topics are super interesting. I learn so much more than just English when I listen to this podcast.
  2. There is a transcript on the website which plays along with the audio. This is perfect, especially for learners of English who are stuck at the intermediate level. This is a great way to actively improve your English speaking skills. You can easily do a technique called shadowing. I demonstrate this technique in a short video at the end of the transcript of this episode.
  3. You can learn how to explain complicated topics in a nuanced way. This podcast is the complete opposite of the “soundbyte and hashtag-culture” we live in these days. To me, it’s a breath of fresh air. 

Oh, and there’s one more thing. Every episode comes with a list of key-vocabulary. And this brings us back to where we started today. The Leonardo English podcast also really helps me to improve my vocabulary.

So, there you go. The number one thing I use to improve my vocabulary these days is podcasts. First of all, because I love listening to them. Remember, always seek out things you love when you want to improve your English, especially if you have many other things to do in your daily life. And secondly, because podcasts have a tremendous effect on my English speaking skills.

So. now it’s time for you to take action. Remember, we don’t just listen to podcasts here, we take action because we want to improve. Only if you take action you’ll become a successful learner of English, and you’ll be able to fulfil your dreams in life.

So I’d suggest you go to leonardoenglish.com today, and spend some time on the website to learn what it’s all about. Not only are there plenty of podcast episodes available, but there are also many blog posts that can help you to improve your English.

All right, let me know your thoughts on this episode in the comments or via email. Take care of yourself, and each other and I’ll catch you in the next episode.

P.S. Don’t forget to watch the videoclip on my website, in which I demonstrate how I use Leonardo English. Just go to the transcript of Episode 19. 

About the author 


Kristian is a Dutch guy who teaches English online. He relaxes with audiobooks, music and podcasts. Kristian still has a lot to learn, but he's happy to share what he has learnt along the way.

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