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Do you ever look at some language learners and wonder how they made so much progress in such a short time?

They must be language learning machines with special super powers.

They can’t have demanding jobs or little kids.

They probably have all the time in the world.

Whatever the reason, somehow their lives must be easier than yours.

They can’t have a busy live, like you. Otherwise, how could they keep going, without ever giving up?

They must know something you don’t . . .

The story of most adult language learners

If you’ve ever felt this way, you’re not alone.

I’ve heard the same story hundreds of times when teaching English.

Many students hit a certain point, several months into their learning journey, when they say they just can’t find the motivation to keep going.

I understand. I know what happened.

You start out excited, having this big goal of being able to speak English fluently.

You create a plan. You enroll in a language course, or you find a private teacher. You start. But the next thing you know, normal life gets in the way.

You have a busy week at work. Relatives come to visit. Family members get ill. And in the worst case scenario, everything happens at the same time.

You think, “Oh, I’ll just learn English later this week, once things calm down.” But by the time things are back to normal, you are exhausted.

You want to sit on the couch. Check your phone and watch some television.

Still, you feel guilty about it. The little voice in your head is telling you that you should be learning.

Another day has gone by and you haven’t practiced English — again.

You start wondering whether you’re really able to learn the language. Maybe you’re not good enough. Maybe you don’t have the talent to speak English.

You promise yourself you will do better tomorrow.

But will you?

The real problem.

This is usually the point where learners of English say things like, “I have lost my motivation” or “I need to get motivated”.

And before you know it, they give up.

This scenario is not an exception. In fact, based on my experience as an English teacher, it’s the rule for adults with busy work and family lives.

But it shouldn’t be that way. And it certainly shouldn’t happen to you.

Because it’s not that there’s something wrong with you. Or that you don’t have enough motivation.

It’s just that you’re not mentally fit enough yet to learn English while doing all the other important stuff in your life.

If you know that you want to speak English fluently someday, you need to learn more than English. You should also create the right mindset. 

You probably haven’t thought much about crating the right mindset. As a matter of fact, you’ve probably ignored it.

As a result, you’re not able to do the things you need to do to become a successful learner of English.

You might not even know what those things are.

If that’s the case, you’re in the right place.

The solution

If you’re still reading, you probably recognize what you’ve just read. If so, there are two things you can start doing today.

Firstly, you can begin reading the articles on my blog.

I write about things you can do to make faster progress in your English — even if you have a busy work and family life.  

Secondly, you can request a no-cost 30 minute online coaching call with me.

In my 1-1 English coaching sessions I teach you the English you need. If you need to write emails in English, I can help you. If you need to become a confident speaker, I can help you.  

But as you know by now, you also need to have the right mindset to achieve your goals in English. I can help you there, too. During the lessons we create — and adjust when necessary — a realistic action plan to make your language learning work in the long run.

If that sounds good, then why not get on a free coaching call? Together we’ll figure out the first steps you can take, so you can quickly start making faster progress in your English.

Let’s set you up for success! Because if not today, when?

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