October 17


60 Seconds lessons now on YouTube and Instagram

Hello, hello, fellow learners of English, how are you doing out there? This is Kristian here, but this time it’s not a regular episode. Instead, I have a public announcement to make.

As of today, I publish one-minute videos with a running transcript on LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. From Monday to Friday, so five days a week.

In those videos I talk about easily confused words and phrases in English. For example, I explain the difference between forget to do something and forget doing something. In the transcript of this episode you can find an example of an audiogram I made.

Yes, the 1-minute videos have a special name, they’re called audiograms. I’m not kidding. It’s true.

Anyway, if you are on LinkedIn, Instagram or YouTube, you can now learn interesting and useful vocabulary and grammar, while at the same time making English learning a habit.

To connect with me on those platforms, you can click on the links in the transcript of this announcement.

For the people who are not on those platforms, don’t worry, you’ll always have access to all my content on my website learnersofenglish.com.

OK, that’s it. I hope my content is helpful for you, wherever you get it from. Take care of yourself, and each other, and I’ll catch you in another episode.


About the author 


Kristian is a Dutch guy who teaches English online. He relaxes with audiobooks, music and podcasts. Kristian still has a lot to learn, but he's happy to share what he has learnt along the way.

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