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5 Easy Steps to Start Learning English at Home (and Make It a Habit)

Learning English is fun and rewarding. It’s not easy, but it’s not rocket science either.

You simply have to make time to do it.

The problem for most adults is that they cannot find the time, because there are many other things they need to do.

Some of these things are essential, while other activities are not so important.

Do you recognize this problem? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

What you need is a strategy that would allow you to learn English without letting typical distractions get in your way.

I know that’s easier said than done, but with some help I’m sure you can do it.

To get started, you can use this simple checklist I used to start learning Czech every single day:

1. Select a time to learn every day.
I suggest you block some time on your calendar app every day of the week. It doesn’t matter when, but the important thing is to learn at the same time every day. For me the best time to learn is early morning at 6am, before work starts.

2. Choose a minute goal.
You can create your own target: 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or even longer. Just make sure that the goal is easy enough that you can’t say no, but big enough for you to feel like you’re making progress.

3. Find a resource right now.
You can easily find (free) materials, such as PDFs, ebooks, audio and video on the internet. Or maybe you still have an English textbook at home.

But here’s the thing: you have to start today! If you wait until tomorrow, you won’t start.

Remember to choose a resource that suits your language level and personal taste. Only then becomes learning fun and rewarding.

4. Find a comfortable place to learn.
Try a comfortable place at home. Or find a quiet place outside. But make sure you’re away from distraction. I suggest you learn English every day in the same place. The more consistency, the better.

5. Set a reminder.
Use the calendar app from the first step. Keep it simple. And just do it.

That’s all. Take these five steps, and you’ll be on your way to success!

Let me know in the comments if this works for you. I’m happy to answer all your questions in the best possible way!

About the author 


Kristian is a Dutch guy who teaches English online. He relaxes with audiobooks, music and podcasts. Kristian still has a lot to learn, but he's happy to share what he has learnt along the way.

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